we offer mailing lists using Mailman 2.x,
the easy and flexible GNU Mailing List Manager.

Subscribe to a list

To register for one of these lists or to edit your settings, please use the web interface - or send a mail to Mailman.

You'll find some documentation in form of the List Member Manual.

List archives

You can access the archives of all mailing lists through the web interface - as long as the list has an archive.

Some archives are public, others are limited to subscribers. In case of the latter, you'll have to submit your password.

List administration

If you're running your own mailing list at, you can manage it through the web interface, too.

You have the whole List Administration Manual at your disposal.

Get your own mailing list

You want to have your very own mailing list at

If there is a non-commercial project you consider eligible and your resource consumption (number of members and mails send per day/week/month/year) is within reasonable limits, feel free to contact us. We will create your list or deny your request at our free discretion.

The web interface and all mail notifications are available in many languages.

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